Digital marketing is the new way of reaching customer.

The majority of your customers shopping online. You need to address your products to them. And for that, Digital Marketing is a way to go now!

Design Karigor Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the new future

Yes indeed! Because of digital marketing is cost-effective, flexible, easy to understand. Also, it is a great medium to analyze your customer habits.


Traditional marketing is expensive in a various way. Small business owners are not capable enough to run traditional marketing. That's why digital marketing is a life savor.

Mobile Access

All of your customers are on mobile these days. That's why digital marketing can show your advertisement only on a mobile device. That's pretty neat. Right?


You can change your advertisement over time. You have the full control to know what's working, what's not. That's why flexibility in an advertisement is not an issue anymore.


You can show your products video easily. Also, you can use pictures, a list of your products or Posts. It's a great time to live.


You can know your customer's behavior through analytics. That's why you can understand your customer and product at the same time.

Design Karigor Web Tracking
CEO Aladdin Clothing

We’ve seen conversion increases of over 9%, just by switching our website to Design Karigor. We’re also able to test and iterate more rapidly, which is a win for everyone.

Bappy Hasan, CEO of Aladdin Clothing

Reach your customer,
where they spend time & Money

We know where your customers spent time and money. That’s why we have extended features to help you. It’s effective, It’s the right way and It’s elegant.

Design Karigor Social Media Management

Social Media Management

We can deliver high-quality engaging posts with video, images and reply to interactive comments with your customers. Even message reply. We've vast experiences with Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Content Making

Content making is the hard part of any company. We'll deliver the right message for the right customer.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can be very useful for any company. We've worked with some of our local influencer. And it works perfectly.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger marketing is a replacement for email marketing. And we know how to marketing in Facebook messenger.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO is a must for any website. We'll do the keyword research to meta tag, description, and everything in perfectly.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is not new. It's old and hard to work. But we can easy for you. Content to publish, we'll do the work.

know Our process

Every project requires a different process. Some project takes a month to buildup. Some project needs just a week or two! But they share a very common approach.


We digest business intelligence, marketing goals and product logistics to provide best-of-breed execution plans tailored to your needs.

Collect leads

Once we setup our plan, this step we'll be collect right leads many as possible.

convert to customer

We will convert leads to customer when we have enough data to proceed.


No matter how's our day, we'll keep track of our customer all the time for the success.

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