build your website with monthly basis packages.

Our service is illustrated on a monthly basis. Like any good relationship, we’ll take this a day at a time.

How qualityful is our website?

Have you ever wondered what makes a great website? You know things like content, videos, and images are all important, but there has to be more to it, right? let’s find out!

User focused design thinking

What tools or methodology we use, our priority is the customer. We'll be designed your website customer in mind. Easy to understand and it needs to be easily accessible.

Quality hosting service

We'll be using international based hosting provider for your website. All of our customers website even our website are hosted internationally for better performance.

Speedy and Secure

Security is a must-have for an eCommerce website. We'll be monitoring your website all the time. Also, website speed is the knight of SEO. That's why we don't like a slow website from the first.

Customer management system

Manage your new and old customer in one central place. Purchase record, What product they buy, Greeting them on every occasion.

Customer support

Need a hand right way? Don't worry, we have a dedicated customer support for you. Just call us anytime, we'll be here for you.

CEO Aladdin Clothing

We’ve seen conversion increases of over 9%, just by switching our website to Design Karigor. We’re also able to test and iterate more rapidly, which is a win for everyone.

Bappy Hasan, CEO of Aladdin Clothing

So, How can I rent my website?

Renting a website from us is super fun. Because we’d love to meet with you as a customer, as a helping hand.

First, We meetup

We loved to talk in person. It's easy to understand your success stories, your pain even your needs.

Listen to your requirments

We're a great listener. So we can listen to all the requirements you might have.

Set monthly budget with you

Once we listed all your requirements for your business needs, we'll set a monthly budget with you right away. No times to wait!

Sign on agreement paper

All of our business agreements will be recorded in the paper version. It's the first step for a great business adventure. And we love clarity from the start.

our site
in action

You can check out our recent work in action. Some of them are great, some of them are okay. But all of them have the same intention- It works well!

know Our process

Every project requires a different process. Some project takes a month to buildup. Some project needs just a week or two! But they share a very common approach.


We dive into your brand's unique value propositions, needs, and goals before developing our web build strategy.


Our interactive wireframes allow you to see your website come together in real time prior to launch.


We develop sites to elevate your content, while retaining maximum functionality.


Nothing goes live before making it through our rigorous QA process.

Live Chat With Us

No time to wait around? Click the ‘Live Chat Now’ button and talk with us. Hopefully, we’ll answer your question right away.